Q: When will my order ship out?

All clothing is made in small batches or made to order. That being said it will either be posted 2-3 business days after you've placed your order or two to three weeks if the garment needs be made. We base ourselves on sustainability and prioritise producing minimal waste. In the case you need your garment quicker then let us know and we can always do our best to get it made up for you as quick as we can!

 How do I know which size to order?

Please make sure you view the SIZE GUIDE prior to committing to any purchase ! We always try to make sure our sizes run as true as possible- but always double check just to make sure. 

Q: Can I return my item if it doesn't fit?

Please refer to the SIZE GUIDE before any purchase ! If you are unsure about your size please email us or send us a DM on Instagram and always read over our product descriptions! I am always happy to help with questions. Since I am a one woman brand I will always do my best to help- however my resources are limited due to the nature of running this business solo. 

If you’ve received your item and you need to make an inquiry please send an email to Please let us know within 7 days of receiving the order.  After this period all sales are final. 

 If something is the wrong size, an exchange or store credit can be discussed. Our pieces are made to order or in small batches, so this means we are unable to promise an exchange or store credit but will always do our best to come to a solution you’re happy with. Exchanges maybe limited due to fabric not being available because of the nature of our brand as we don't carry large quantities of each fabric. The reason for carrying small quantities of fabric ensures your piece is unique to you as only a couple other people may have the same piece. 

Once the return is reviewed we will send you our postage address to return your item for an exchange or store credit. The Buyer is responsible for postage costs when returning an item to us and I will happily cover costs to send back. 

Tracking must be then sent to us straight away. If we do not receive tracking or the item within the 7 day period then we can't honour an exchange or credit. 


    Q: How do you dye your garments? (IN FUTURE WE MAY USE THESE DYES)

    The only dyes that we use are Procion Fibre Reactive Dyes. When these professional grade textile dyes are used correctly and in conjunction with soda ash as a fixative, they form a permanent bond with the molecules in the fabrics and yield rich, vibrant tones that won’t run or fade in the wash.
     Our extensive research has found that Procion fibre reactive dyes are non-toxic and low-impact. Babies can suck and chew on clothing that has been properly dyed using Procion dyes and people who are chemically sensitive to dyes and fabric treatments on clothing have reported no issues with these dyes. Additionally, Procion dyes are harmless to septic systems, and when spilled on the ground they lose their colour on the dirt within a few days, as they are broken down by soil microbes.

    Q: What kind of thread do you use?

    We use organic cotton thread to sew our garments. Cotton thread is not as sturdy as polyester thread, which is what most garments are sewn with. The downside to cotton thread is that the threads can break if the garments are stretched past a certain point.

    Q: What kind of fabric do you use?

    All of our fabric is derived from a natural fibre. We strictly only use hemp, linen, and cotton. Where possible we will also use dead-stock fabrics and second hand when we source the right kind for our brand. 

     Q: How do you package your orders?

    There will never be any plastic involved in our packaging procedures and we will always use components that can be recycled or composted. We still love to hand write on all of our orders for a personal touch.