A love letter from Mum, to Maisey

Dear Maisey,

Sewing has come to me as second nature. It was almost as easy as learning how to ride a bike or drive a car.

When I told your grand-mother I had started to sew she told me there was a line of dressmakers in our family before us. It all started to make sense as to why I felt an affinity for it.

I've become passionate about this craft and I hope one day you'll find something you're passionate about too and I can't wait for us to discover that special something together.

You inspire me everyday and I hope people can see that. I started this brand again for you. The way you inspire me makes me want to do big things. And for you, I will.

I hope that I can always make woman feel wonderful when they put on something I've created for their silhouette. I want to craft clothing you want to cherish- that will one day become a family heirloom passed down from Mothers to Daughters.

Love Mum