For Maisey was named after my first born daughter, Maisey. I had fallen pregnant with her at the beginning of 2022 and was in the midst of working hard on our then brand Happy Days the Label.

Being pregnant with her made me slow down and enjoy life for what it was and relish in the happiest moments, I was creating a life and that was so sacred to me and incredible that I could do that. My daughter made me fall inlove with myself and life on a deeper level. She made me realise what it truly means to be a woman and how beautiful and gratifying it can be. Being a mother is a selfless act and we are truly extraordinary.

Our brand was named for maisey. as a testament. It's for her, for myself, and for woman all over the world. We aim to create pieces that honour all shapes and sizes of a woman and to make them feel lovely. 

For Maisey offers woman garments made from fabric in its raw state. Meaning more natural and friendly to you and our planet. We exclusively work with hemp, linen, and cotton. 

Designed, and manufactured in Australia by woman, for woman and occasionally their little ones.