Your clothing is meant to last for ages to come, to be worn again and again and again. Here's how we care for our garments at for maisey. 


  • All garments should be washed on a delicate cycle and with cold water and eco friendly detergent
  • Wash with other similar fabrics, do not wash with heavier items such as jeans and towels
  • Preferably you can hand wash your garments with lukewarm water and soap, gently massage your garments with your fingertips and rinse and repeat. Very gently wring out garments and hang in the shade to dry
  • Never put your clothing in the dryer, you want them to last so dry on the line in the shade when possible


  • For most bras and undies and especially our hemp under garments, we recommend washing on a delicate cycle with cold water using a natural detergent
  • Wash with other delicate items (again never with jeans or towels).
  • For bras and other items with loose straps we recommend investing in a delicates bag (a mesh bag) that you can protect your items within the wash from being caught and stretched
  • Hand washing your hemp undergarments are best however and will honour the colour its been dyed longer
  • Hang on the line in the shade to dry and never put in the dryer


  • Your very special silk undies and bralette were crafted together delicately - these pieces are super fragile due to the nature of the fabric and should be cared for so sweetly
  • For your silk pieces run a lukewarm mini bubble bath in the sink with earth friendly detergent 
  • Hand wash your pieces in the sink and very gentle rub in the areas that need attention most 
  • Do not wring your pieces - but gently clamp them down between your hands to release excess water 
  • Lay on a flat surface outside to dry (half sun and half shade) 


 Full sun is nice for our natural clothes, bras, and undies. Full sun is helpful if you are trying bleach out any stains in your natural clothing but the UV rays can degrade the natural rubber elastic on your bras and fade the colour in your clothing over time. So we recommend doing a half half when you can. Some sun but not too much sun! 



Emily and Maisey x